Creditor's Rights

The attorneys in our creditor’s rights practice group have significant experience in handling all manner of creditor’s rights situations that may arise when a borrower or entity files for relief under the bankruptcy code. This representation includes, but is not limited to, filing motions for relief, objections to bankruptcy plans and representing creditors when defendants file objections to our client’s claims.

All of the attorneys in this practice group are licensed in Nebraska and Iowa, and have handled numerous cases in both states representing lenders in lawsuits brought by debtors and/or trustees in bankruptcy wherein they have attempted to void liens claimed by our clients.

Our attorneys also represent clients throughout Nebraska and Iowa in foreclosure proceedings which require specialized handling and experience for each state, as Nebraska is primarily a non-judicial foreclosure state, whereas Iowa is a judicial foreclosure state. Additionally, we assist clients in handling deeds in lieu of foreclosures and short sales for properties located in both Nebraska and Iowa.

The attorneys in the creditor’s rights group also handle collection cases in both Nebraska and Iowa involving promissory notes, negotiable instruments, lines of credit, credit cards, deficiency lawsuits and all kinds of commercial paper, as well as the recovery of personal and real property.
If we can be of any assistance to you, or if you have questions or require additional information about the services the creditor’s rights practice group provides, please feel free to call or visit us in person.